Prolock Security Locksmiths, can rekey with high security locks.

As a premier go-to for all your Kelowna / West Kelowna commercial or residential locksmith needs, Prolock Security Locksmiths offers the option of high security locks.

Keeping track of keys in your business can be a nightmare that is easily avoided with a high security lock system installed by Prolock Security Locksmith, without the need of worrying when someone leaves your employ.

When Prolock changes your locks to high security locks, only we can then provide you with replacement keys, ensuring a controlled environment in which you no one has the ability of replicating your keys without your permission.

How does a "High Security Lock" differ from other locks?

The ability to control the creation, distribution, and cutting of keys for a given lock or set of locks within your premises can greatly increase the security of the keying system for a given lock. Most high security locks have key bows and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing. Keys to high security locks also generally require a security be presented for a locksmith to duplicate keys.