Prolock Security Locksmiths is a Kelowna locksmith who can rekey your facility or business with a master key system.

When your business employs a Master Key System, this means that authorized personnel will carry only one key, or perhaps two, to go everywhere in the facility they are authorized to, and nowhere else. No more trying to figure out which key fits out of an entire key ring jungle!

Examples of when this kind of system comes in handy:

  • in a medium sized firm, perhaps only managers may have access to certain areas. The Master Key System gives them only one additional key which will allow them to access those specific areas.
  • in that same firm, we can re-key all existing locks to use only one key, to be used by all employees, separately from the Master Key System used by the managers.


A Master Key System can give you two options:

  1. When all locks are rekeyed to use the same key, the convenience of not having to carry a whole bunch of keys is obvious. Prolock Security Locksmiths can rekey all the locks of areas within your facility where your employees are allowed access, including washrooms.
  2. When required, we can also offer a High Security Lock type of Master Key System from Kelowna Locksmith will provide you with a secure system where duplicate keys cannot be made by anyone not authorized by you.